Foothill Family Shelter

Housing and shelter for homeless adults and children

1501 W. 9 Street, Suite D
Upland, CA
Phone: (909) 920-0453

Visionary Homes - Youth 17 and under

Safe Place to sleep 24/7 for youth 17 years old and under. Offers laundry services, showers, hot meals, and Education and Counseling Services.

Phone: (909) 486-3454
Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Our House Youth Shelter - Youth ages 11-17

Runaway and Homeless youth shelter for males and females between the ages of 11-17.
Phone: (909) 335-2676

Veronica’s Home of Mercy

Housing for adult pregnant women and their children as a healthy alternative to abortion, domestic violence, substance abuse and/or homelessness.
Phone: (909) 888-9064

Time for Change Foundation for Homeless Women and Children

Programs and supportive services designed to help provide women and children with the tools needed to recover from homelessness, drug addiction, family separation, mental and physical abuse, and the effects of incarceration.
Phone: (909) 886-2994

Operation Grace

Emergency shelter designed to assist families in looking for housing, getting kids back in school, and securing a place for children to sleep at night.
Phone: (909) 382-8540

Salvation Army Cold Weather Shelter

Cold Weather Shelter operating between December 1 - March 31. Activates when temperature drops below 30 degrees or there is 30% or greater chance of rain.
Phone: (909) 792-6868

Community Shelter Program Riverside

Shelter for single men and women.Hours and Screening times:

Initial intake and screening Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 1:00 pm
General shelter hours: 4:00 pm - 8:30 am
Phone: (951) 683-4101

The Blessing Center

Open when the temperature drops below 40 degrees and when raining. Dinner is provided for those who stay at the shelter.

760 E. Stuart Ave
Redlands, CA
Hours: 7 pm - 7am when temperature is below 40 degrees and raining.
Phone: (909) 793-5677

Central City Lutheran Mission

Cold weather shelter for homeless men, age 18 and older.

Hours: Check-in at 7 pm on cold nights.
Phone: (909) 381-6921

I Care Shelter Home - Riverside

Emergency shelter for up to 30 days.
Phone: (951) 354-2273

Path of Life Ministries Family Shelter - Riverside

Shelter is for single parents with children, couples with children and single women.
Phone: (951) 275-8755

Path of Life Ministries Community Shelter Program - Riverside

Shelter for single adults, separated by gender.
Phone: (951) 683-4101

Inland Housing Solutions

Offers services to families, helping them to be self-sufficient.
Phone: (909)796-6381

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