This is when you get so cold that your body is not able to compensate. For most people this happens when your temperature is below 95ºF. If not treated quickly it can lead to serious problems, including death.

Do not drink alcohol to warm up - this can worsen your confusion and make it difficult for you to seek help if things don’t improve.

What to look out for:

  • Shivering, trouble speaking clearly, confusion, sleepiness.
  • When a person’s temperature drops this low, they might be too confused to seek help - because of this it is important that you watch out for friends and find them help if they need it.
  • What to do if you or a friend have developed hypothermia:
  • Move the person to a warmer place as soon as possible.
  • Take off any wet clothing and cover the person with any blankets or any fabric that you have available.
  • Provide them with warm fluids.

Call 911 or visit the ER if symptoms do not begin to improve quickly or if the person passes out or starts to have trouble breathing.

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