Animal & Human Bites

Bites can get infected easily because of bacteria inside an animal or person’s mouth. Be very cautious with bites since they can lead to other problems. Cat and human bites are often the most worrisome. Keep in mind that if you hit someone in the face and it leaves teeth marks on your hands, these will get infected in the same way as a bite.

Here is what to do if you get bitten

  • Wash your hands before touching the bite
  • If there is no blood, softly clean the wound with clean water and antibacterial soap
  • Use a Band-Aid to cover the wound
  • If there’s bleeding, raise that area of the body and apply pressure to the wound using a clean cloth or towel.
  • The bite may be infected if:
  • There is swelling or heat around the wound
  • The wound leaks pus or other fluids
  • There is pain or tenderness on or around the wound
  • You have fever or chills
  • You have pain with movement if the bite is near a joint

Go to the doctor if:

  • If you get bitten near your face, feet, or hands
  • An animal bite has broken through the skin and bleeding does not stop after applying pressure for 15 minutes
  • There is serious injury, for example a broken bone
  • You have diabetes, liver disease, cancer, HIV/AIDs, or take a medication that weakens your immune system
  • If you have any signs of infection (listed above)
  • The pain or size of the bite isn’t getting better
  • If you’re bitten by an unknown animal

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