Shock is when your heart can’t keep up with your body’s need for oxygen. It can happen in many scenarios like after a serious injury, a heart attack, bleeding, or even from infection. If you suspect that you or a friend are going into shock. call 911 and ask people around you for help before you do anything else.

Here’s what to do while you wait for help:

  • Lay the person down and elevate their legs and feet unless they have a broken limb.
  • Keep the person still and don't move them unless absolutely necessary.
  • Don't let the person eat or drink anything
  • If the person starts to vomit or bleed from the mouth, then turn them on their side - This will help stop them from choking. REMEMBER: If you think they seriously hurt their neck or back, then DON’T MOVE THEM AT ALL.

Begin CPR if the person stops breathing.

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