Addiction can be a difficult thing to talk about. However, it is a very real problem that millions of Americans struggle with - over 7 million adults in the United States currently have an addiction to an illicit substance and over 15 million adults struggle with alcoholism.

Although you can quit most drugs without side effects, it’s important to recognize signs of withdrawal that require immediate medical attention:

  • Seizures: You may blackout, start shaking uncontrollably, lose control of your urine or bowel, or even bite your tongue.
  • Hallucinations: Hearing or seeing things that aren't actually there
  • Feeling confused about where you are or who you are

Other symptoms that together could be concerning are a racing heartbeat, tremor or shaking, fever, sweating, or headaches

Addiction Resources

  • Narcotics Anonymous: Addicts come together to talk about their struggles and recovery with other addicts. For more info and to find a meeting, visit, download their app on your smartphone, or call 211.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: AA provides addicts with a safe environment and support for individuals struggling with alcoholism. For more info and to find a meeting, visit or call 211.
  • The 12 Steps to Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Am I an Addict quiz
  • Don - Overcome Alcoholism Like a Boss: A free iPhone app to help with the process of overcoming alcoholism by writing goals that you will pursue through the ups and downs of staying sober.

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